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Increasing FM transmission power.

Looking to increase your FM transmitter coverage and power?
The UK regulator Ofcom has invited Community Radio stations
interested in increasing coverage to review their transmitter
power and coverage. This can be done either by maximising scope
already in their licence, for example upgrading an aerial system,
or by adding higher FM power.

Community Radio increase more FM transmitter power more coverage

Allow us to help. Not only can you source very low cost, reliable
and compliant transmission products direct from us - the
manufacturer, we also offer a range of support services.
From reviewing your current installation, through to planning
a higher power solution and liaising with Ofcom, Lucoro
Broadcast can take care of everything. We can also supply
and install new equipment, plus commission it, always
utilising existing equipment, where possible, thus keeping
your Cap-Ex as low as possible.

Our lead engineers have many decades of high-end broadcast
transmission engineering experience and have commissioned
Community Radio stations on behalf of Ofcom.

We can supply mixed polarised antenna systems, even
omnidirectional antenna systems with gain, plus RF amplifiers
to boost currently installed systems. Alternatively, higher
power FM transmitters can be installed, leaving current lower
power devices as an automated back-up chain

Above all, we appreciate that due to unique funding methods,
Community Radio stations operate on restricted budgets, so
any solution needs to be low in cost and ultimately reliable.
Lucoro Broadcast specialises in integrated products to keep
prices low. Furthermore, some costly product features are never
required in some applications, so we only design-in basic
features as standard, with ‘extras’ as configurable options,
at the time of ordering.

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