300W RF Amplifier Band 2 88-108MHz FM...

- Power increase for lower power Exciters
- Reserve back-up
- Independent radio service
- Community radio service

- 300W RF output power
- 2W input power
- Latest enhancement mode FET device
- Good efficiency Highly reliable

The FMAMP300 is a 300W RF Amplifier for FM broadcast systems. Easy to install, it represents unrivalled performance and reliable at such a low cost. Metering of systems status, plus forward and reflected power levels is provided on the front panel. A TTL control input and status output connector on the rear panel allows easy integration into new or existing remote monitoring or control systems, plus automatic switching in back-up systems. Filtering ensures compliance with broadcast regulations.

FM Broadcast Transmitter

300 Watt RF Amplifier 87.5-108MHz

Broadband RF Amplifier

Low cost professional FM Transmitters, for sale to buy
direct from the manufacturer. Including powerful and
reliable RF amplifers for 88 - 108 MHz FM Band 2...