We sell antennas

Need an antenna solution? We can provide computer modelling and coverage predictions plus a variety of antennas. Computer modelling demonstrates how the antenna will radiate in your particular application and on a specific mast or building. This could prove very different to manufacturers' data which is provided on a 'free space' basis. From dipoles to Yagiis and circular to mixed polarisations, we can help. Contact us at: or +44 1423 313550

We sell connectors

For RF, connector quality is the key to system reliability, but RF connectors can be quite costly. Our buying power allows us to offer customers good quality connectors at very reasonable prices. Contact us at:

We sell Feeder cables

RG cables and Heliax(TM) are available in custom from us lengths, even custom terminated - if desired - with your choice of connectors. Contact us at:

OEM RDS Encoder order fulfilled

We've just shipped a batch of custom RDS encoder PCB solutions to an OEM manufacturer. These boards use the very latest micro-miniature surface mount devices resulting in a PCB size of just 4cm x 2cm, including digital synthesis and filtering. If you require a custom RF, audio, data, telecoms or control solution, please don't hesitate to get in touch for fast development of quality circuits at surprisingly low prices. Contact us at:

FM power increase announced for UK Community stations

The UK's broadcast regulator has announced that it will accept applications for FM power increases from existing stations in the Community Radio tier. Where possible, Ofcom MAY be able to increase the ERP of the existing licence, or consider broadcasters' plans to update antenna systems to better utilise the power granted under their existing licence. We specialise in coverage planning and antenna modelling, plus we have high quality, low cost, powerful FM transmission systems which use the latest circuit technology for efficiency and reliability. Community Radio often relies on restricted revenues. As such, it's vital that we provide the lowest cost route to maximising power and coverage. Contact us at:

We design circuits and hardware solutions

We're currently working on many projects for OEM product manufacturers. Whether you're a manufacturer or systems integrator - even an engineer with a one-off requirement - please contact us at: to see what we can do for you. From simple switching circuits to firmware - or PC driven - electronic solutions, our key engineers have decades of experience.

Add WAN control to your broadcast products

Many RF systems have 'open collector' control and monitoring, but we've developed a TCP/IP based adaptor which can take simple TTL connections and provide worldwide internet control of such functions. Password protected, with security built-in, the embedded server software can be customised with customers' specific requirements and logos. Contact us at:

More export orders

We're pleased to have completed an order - on time and to budget - for an export customer who is deploying our FMTX100 with integrated MPX receiver, in order to expand and densify their network coverage. The same 125 Watt Exciter/Transmitter product is available in several versions, including an all-in-one broadcast system (DSP Audio Processor, Digital Stereo Coder and digitally synthesised oversampling RDS coder all integrated in to a single compact unit). Contact us at:

Don't compromise on your 'B'-chain!

Our FMTX100 is a 125 Watt 'all-in-one' broadcast system; it features a DSP Audio Processor, Digital Stereo Coder and digitally synthesised oversampling RDS coder all integrated in to a single, very compact unit. So now, many smaller stations can afford uncompromised back-up quality, either as a portable spare transmitter - or as a 'B' system integrated in to the system rack (with automatic instant changeover implemented). Contact us at:

Ideal high power drive

The FMTX100M can be used as a high-power exciter for multi-kilowatt systems. It has a multiplex input and very clean RF spectrum, making it a high quality, yet low cost choice, for high power FM broadcast systems. Contact us at:

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